Saturday, July 20, 2013

Surf, Sun, Sand and Fun

Hi everyone Saige here. And today we are making a sand castle all of us are working on it 
HI Noel here right now I an working on digging the moat.
Charlotte here I am bringing buckets of sand and water to our castles .
Hi McKenna here I am working on the Moat too with Jade and Fallon

Hay its me Ember,  and me Saige. Yes you too. We are putting the finishing touches on the castle. 

Hay there its me Jade. I am having so much fun with all my sisters today.
Hi its me Fallon and I  am ready to  go back inside were there are no bugs and where there's AC.
I'm in charge of supervising (not!). 

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  1. looks like fun in the sun and sand. Cute Post.