Wednesday, April 17, 2013

Movie Night with the Sisters

Hay everyone Kanani here tonight my sisters and I are watching a movie and I let the three little sisters pick out the movie this time.

Me putting in the movie 

Hay Hay Hay Noel typing as you can see me and my twins are totally psyched to see this movie *CRASH* Oh no that sounds like its coming from the kitchen my too older sisters and cousin are in there making popcorn lets go see what they are doing now ;)
Yo Fallon here with my 2 buddies Charlotte and Ember and we have ben given the task to make popcorn P.S. if it burns I blame Charlotte LOL ;DDD  
FIRE IN THE HOLE!!!!!!!! oh sorry I guess I should introduce myself Hi I'm the legendary Ember who is helping with popcorn duties 

WHAT DO YOU MEAN THAT IT"S MY FAULT IF THE POPCORN BURNS FALLON!!!!!!!!!! oh sorry this is Charlotte over and out FALLON YOUR GOING DOWN!!!!! 

Just 3 minutes 

how do i get this movie in english? 

It's ready :)

let me at it 


POPCORN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! YAY

YAY movie time oh and this is Saige typing Hi 

Hay McKenna here I get to do the closing note to this post and my mini movie review
the acting was good 
the songs were great 
the scenery was pretty 
And that is all I have to say. BYE till the next post and make sure you checkout our new page called AGmovies 

Wednesday, April 10, 2013

Get Fit Never Hit

Going to work out at my favorite "kick-boxing" gym 9round

Pulling the body bag
Practicing throwing punches
Punching the BIG bag
Speed Bag
Abdominal Crunches
1 ring (good workout)
2 rings (great workout)
3 rings (you kicked my butt)

Remember to stay hydrated
Had a great workout in 30 minutes!
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