Tuesday, July 23, 2013

Hide and Go Seek in the Keys

Hi Kanani here. I have to find all 7 kids because they insisted on playing hid and go seek. 1 2 skip a few 99 100 READY OR NOT HERE I COME!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Yo Fallon here in a wheel barrow

Hi Charlotte here up in a tree

Hi its me Ember yeah I didn't put much thought in my hiding place I'm just tired 

Hay guys its Saige here I'm under a rock 

Hi Jade here trees for the win 

Hi McKenna talking and I just couldn't think of any good spots so I just followed Jade.

Hi you know me, Noel. ILL SHALL NEVER BE FOUND MWHAHAHA!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Found you Fallon. Awwwwww darn it 

This was too easy Ember. I know

Found you Charlotte. Thats great now HELP ME DOWN!!! 

Found you Jade and found you SaigeHey Kanani. Hi there.

You are just too easy McKenna. Yup I know 

Now to find Noel. NOEL!

Noel come out

Noel you made me climb a tree if you don't come out I am just going to go inside 

Fine I give up. you win

Oh good it was getting hot out here!. EEEEEEKKKKKKK OMG NOEL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
                                          Hay every one hope you enjoyed this post more are coming soon
                                                                          G2G Kanani is chasing me bye!!!!!

Saturday, July 20, 2013

Surf, Sun, Sand and Fun

Hi everyone Saige here. And today we are making a sand castle all of us are working on it 
HI Noel here right now I an working on digging the moat.
Charlotte here I am bringing buckets of sand and water to our castles .
Hi McKenna here I am working on the Moat too with Jade and Fallon

Hay its me Ember,  and me Saige. Yes you too. We are putting the finishing touches on the castle. 

Hay there its me Jade. I am having so much fun with all my sisters today.
Hi its me Fallon and I  am ready to  go back inside were there are no bugs and where there's AC.
I'm in charge of supervising (not!). 

Thursday, July 18, 2013

Adventures in the FL Keys with Noel

Hay everyone Noel here, today I am going to two fun places first stop is the Bass Pro Shop.
Going below deck 
 Me with an old typewriter.
 Breakfast, lunch and Dinner table 
The bathroom. 
 Where the sailors slept.
I still don't fit 
Me under the ship's sign

Looking at all the big fish 

Something is fishy here  LOL:D

Fish are friends not food 

Thats all the pics I have from the Bass Pro Shop but the next place is going to have even more pics  get ready to go under the sea at the Scuba Diving Museum.

In front of the mural at the Scuba diving museum 

I Love Manatees !!!!!!!!!!!(/\_/\) <3 
In the gift shop
Me in a diving helmet  
All the books you could ever want on Scuba diving
Me in old boots playing with an old fashion air pump 
Enjoy the rest of the museum 

A diving helmet from every country in the world 
A cool lab
Fishy friends LOL <3 
Hello :)
OMG The Anglerfish 
I hope you all enjoyed this post it was so much fun going to the museum stay tuned for more posts from my 4th of July weekend BYE

Love: Noel ;)<3