Wednesday, October 31, 2012

Happy Halloween

AG Halloween with New Sisters

Time to get ready for trick-or-treating!

These are my three older sisters they are coming too.

Going to our first stop...

Who will ring the doorbell first?

Trick or Treat!!!!

Lots of candy yay!
Which h-a-l-l-o-w-e-e-n costume do you like the b-e-s-t?
Please Leave A Comment ;)

Glory here - hoping you all had  a Happy Halloween (eat lots of candy).
I am working on updating my blog soon.

Bye for now - check back soon!

Saturday, October 13, 2012

AG Grand Opening in Miami

Finally an AG Store in my zip code!

This is what I've been saving up for since January...$$$ 

Fun in the sun wear
Sleep Over Anyone?
Kit Wash Day Set
The Classics
The Miniature Collection
Rebecca's Bedroom (Want!)
Miami Logo-wear for Dolls
I may be "10" but I still love Bitty Babies
Outfit on my wishlist
Molly's World
Kit's World
Deluxe Diner Set You Make (that's my arm)
Best place to eat with your doll
Saying good-bye to the next doll on my MUST HAVE list!

Shopping was so fun
I was happy - as you can tell.

Something Sweet & Funny

My New Favorite Video from Basilmento

These are really cute videos :)

Do It Yourself (Doll Furniture)

Do It Yourself Crafts from My Froggy Stuff

Soon I plan to make this sofa for my doll's home which is a work in progress.
They make it look so easy - anyone can do it.

One of My Favorite Youtube Videos

Created by Akeelah1998

Hillarious Home School Girls - Promise You Will Laugh!