Friday, October 11, 2013

Happy 15th Birthday Fallon and Charlotte

Hi everyone Noel here. Today we are at the country club for a very special birthday party 



Hi Fallon here and Charlotte we are having an amazing birthday party. Take a look.

Hi Saige typing, this is our table at the party. 

I am going to hit the piñata first. 

My turn 

Come at me bro

I'm going to break this thing


Who wants to go next?

I will


Time to open up the presents 
yay this one is for me 


For you Charlotte

OMG a buggy bord!!

Can't wait to try it out 

Oh how cute I got Stitch Yes I got an iPod home  

This one is for you Charlotte 

Cool a star wars puzzle 

The last gift goes to you Fallon

YAY a new dress and hat 

All the gifts 

This is the mess we left XD

HAPPY BIRTHDAY Fallon & Charlotte From all the sisters to you (o3o) *huggles*