Wednesday, October 31, 2012

Happy Halloween

AG Halloween with New Sisters

Time to get ready for trick-or-treating!

These are my three older sisters they are coming too.

Going to our first stop...

Who will ring the doorbell first?

Trick or Treat!!!!

Lots of candy yay!
Which h-a-l-l-o-w-e-e-n costume do you like the b-e-s-t?
Please Leave A Comment ;)

Glory here - hoping you all had  a Happy Halloween (eat lots of candy).
I am working on updating my blog soon.

Bye for now - check back soon!


  1. Awwww!! Your AG's are so adorable in their costumes!!!

    1. OMG THANK YOU SO MUSH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! that means so mush to me that you are talking to me over my blog you are so nice!! thank you for all the suport you rille insperd me to do this. it is hard to find a girl my age who lives in my zip coad who loves AG dolls like me I know one girl but she is not that big of a fan she says that her dolls are on a shelf in her room and she hasn't played with them in a wile. so talking to you is so cool I love love love your videos so mush they are so amazing and funny how do you com up with all of it it is so good I hope to meat you in person some day you are so cool and nice thanks again.:) Noel

  2. GREAT NEWS!!!!!!!!!!!! YOU CAN GO MEET THE SISTERS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! go click on meet the sisters page it is super cute ;) <3