Wednesday, February 27, 2013

Lemonade and Cupcakes

Noel and Saige go into business together, it's time to greet their first customers (friends) Carissa and Lanie.

Lemonade and cupcakes for S-A-L-E! 
Lemonade is ready to serve
Cupcakes are freshly baked
We're open for business!
Our first two customers (Lanie and Carissa) and BFFs
Hi and welcome to our lemonade stand 
Saige takes the orders, while I...

Give the doggies some free fresh water

Hanging out with our friends & their pets
It's time to pay (1 cupcake = $1.00)
(1 lemonade + 1 cupcake = $1.10)
B-Y-E come back again soon!
Time to close up for the day

 This was our sign we hung on our fence to get customers to come visit our lemonade stand & it worked.  We had a lot of fun and hope to do another new blog post soon!

                           Love Saige and Noel


  1. What a cute lemonade cupcake stand!I love those signs too!
    Aunt Anne

  2. Hi I love your post! The camper makes a great lemonade/cupcake stand, and I love the signs! I like how you mix-&-matched the girls' outfits.
    - Lorraine :)