Tuesday, January 22, 2013

Meet Our New Sister Saige

Hi I'm Saige the new sister (aka triplet)
This is my room, I like Felicity because we both love horses

I am an artist and here is one of my paintings

and another painting of my horse and mountains
and another painting of my saddle
my painting supplies and another painting (shocker)
i'm working on my newest painting of my horse Picasso
here it is after the finishing touches

I can't wait to make more posts with my sisters McKenna and Noel!  We are triplets and best friends.  McKenna and I share a room together. I have two pets who have not come home yet an Australian Shepherd mix (Sam) and my Painted Pony (Picasso).  I promise to share more adventures with you soon.


  1. Welcome Saige! I love how you set up the room, and you're a great artist Saige! I bet you can't wait until you get your new pets ;)
    - Lorraine :)

  2. Welcome Saige! She looks right at home in her room!Sweet photos!
    Aunt Anne <3