Monday, July 23, 2012

Time To Get Packing

We are getting ready to visit our two cousins in the Keys
and can't wait to spend the Fourth of July with them.

Time to get packing again

I don't think our regular suitcase will be big enough...

Good think I'm always prepared.

It just won't close

Got it!

Tomorrow we are going to the Keys!

These are my two cousins Kenani and Jess who live in the Keys.

We finally arrived!!!!!!

Time to un-pack, sit back & relax!

Time to get outside and start playing.

Our tropical adventure has just begun
there is more to come....


  1. Great photos!! Lucky girls! Wish we could be there too!
    Aunt Anne

  2. Cute story! Glad Noel and McKenna had fun on their trip! ;)
    -Loraine :)